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AAC core word boards and books bundle

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This is a bundle of 5 of my products for implementing AAC and increasing communication for users of picture based communication (AAC).

There are core word-based picture communication boards and adapted books to teach those first core words.

Included are:

  • 6 Core Words: books to teach 6 core words
  • Activity Based Communication Boards: activity based boards for common activities
  • Core Words 2 Go: a variety of 8-32 location core word communication boards: aac for beginners
  • More Core Words Books: more adapted books to teach core words
  • Sumer Fun Activity Boards: activity boards for fun summertime activities

This is a zipped file. PC users will need to unzip it.

The bundle price represents more than 20% off the original prices combined.

Total Pages 150+

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